Davcor Aviation Services, Inc. Quality & Safety Policy
Davcor Aviation Services Inc. (DAS) is committed to our people first and foremost, as their dedication to quality and safety of product allows our organization to positively contribute to the aerospace industry.


Davcor is committed to integrity; abiding by all regulatory guidelines, pertinent state and federal safety guidelines, as well as state and federal laws to ensure the safety of all who may be impacted by our actions. In all situations, every employee is empowered and encouraged to speak up if they have any safety or quality concern.

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Quality - qc/qa 

 -  Our people are our best asset, as such, their health and well-being is vital to the organization; Safety is always the top priority. We strive to maintain a community work environment, whereas every team member contributes effectively to an organization that is bigger than any one individual.  

  -  We are committed to returning a product to the highest quality allowable by our regulated capabilities, no matter the product’s condition at the time of receiving by DAS. Product safety and reliability are vital; we ensure the highest standard through tried and tested work practices permissible by approved maintenance practices and instruction.

  -  We are fortunate for the opportunity to make a positive impact on the aerospace industry. Loyalty to our safety and quality processes along with our continuous improvement culture, we safeguard our position through customer satisfaction and measurable performance matrix.