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Davcor Aviation Services, Inc. (DAS) is an FAA Approved Repair Station (8DVR209D) specializing in Aviation Fuel System and Removable Fuel Cell Repair. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers have a dependable partner providing high quality repairs both on-time and on-budget.  With hundreds of years of experience servicing all types; private, corporate, commercial, and military aircraft. Davcor Aviation Services' team is ready and more than capable of supporting your maintenance needs.

Service Offerings

Leak Path Analysis and Repair
De-sealing and Re-sealing Integral Tanks
Aircraft Fuel System Component Replacement
Aircraft Line Maintenance Support
Corrosion Inspection and Repair
Fuel Quantity Calibration and Repair
Fuel Migration Detection and Repair
Aircraft Structural Repairs and Modifications
Aircraft Depot Level Maintenance Support

24/7 Emergency Response Fuel System Maintenance

Davcor has employed experienced maintenance teams strategically throughout the United States to offer unparalleled response times in the aircraft industry. Our Operations Control Center (OCC), located in San Antonio, TX offers live 24/7/365 customer service, crew dispatch and oversight. Contact us today for a full offering of your fuel system maintenance requirements and fuel cell needs for private, experimental, corporate, commercial, or military aircraft!